If you're looking for anything sewing or cosplay related, here's a link list of different things that might be really helpful for you. If you have any suggestions for me, please email me and offer me a link. This will be continued to updated as I find new resources.

Tutorial Resource
Here is a collection of tutorial's I've found on the internet that might be helpful for cosplay. None of these tutorials or patterns are made by me, this is just a collection of them. Everything is organized into albums and sub-albums so you can find everything easier. If you have a tutorial you want to add please email me!

* New Links
* Site is in Japanese
* Ebay shop

Cosplay Blogs
Wear the fake fur & fake pearls
Tales of a Costume Nerd

Cosplay Communities
American Cosplay Paradise 
* Cure [English option]
Cosplay Island [UK cosplay site]
/cgl/ [Contains mature content]

Costume Commissioners
God Save the Queen Fashions [Also includes several really useful tutorials]
Cosplay Magic
Cosplay Sky
Costume Family
Fan Plus Friend
*Julias Laedchen

Amphigory [They sell other products, like makeup and jewelry]
Arda Wigs
Epic Cosplay Wigs
International Wigs [Great selection of natural looking wigs]
* Cyperous Wigs [English option]
* Airily
* Classe
* SHORTY [English option, sells other accessories]
* Prichara
* Jail
Cosplay Anime Wigs [Ships from China]
*China Cosplay Wigs
*Wig Fashion
*Cosplay Wig Glamor
*Cosplay Wig Fever
*Gorgeous Tea 5
*Fantasy Sheep
*Cosplay Wig
*Cog Marc
*Comic Wig

Burda Style [Offers free patterns and a community for any sewing issues/projects]
Fabric on Demand [Custom fabric print]
Spoonflower [Custom fabric print]
Basic Sewing

Sock Dreams
We Love Colors

CosplayOptique [Custom glasses for cosplay]
Ange's Circle Lens Blog [Reviews and sources where to purchase circle lenses]
The Dolly Eye
Kawaii Love Beauty
Pinky Paradise
Candy Lens
Contact Lens Exchange
Geo Lens House
Kiwiberry1's Collection
I Beauty Shop
Fashion Contact Lenses
Color Lens for Less

Creative Uncut [Image archive for video games]
Anime Character Database

Metroidhat [Plushy tutorials]
Ryuuraigeki [Several tutorials, including resin casting and bias tape] [Tutorial for a cheep hoop skirt]
Super Cosplay Kazoku [Several tutorials posted on accessories] 
Wind of the Stars [Wig tutorials]