Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Outfit.

So...AC Brotherhood has made me completely change my mind. I need to cosplay Claudia now. Playing through the game, she's become completely amazing, I just adore her. And then she got a brand new outfit, the Assassin's Garb.

This will probably be the most challenging outfit I'll make up till this point. But I always get really excited for big projects like this. I think what makes it look more difficult then it probably is, is the how detailed the material of the fabric looks. But actually breaking it down isn't as bad. Its just about breaking it down into pieces and working a bit at a time. Though I am the most concerned with the design on the back of the cloak, I really need to find something bigger and more highres of it. But for Katsucon it'll be nice for our group.

So it looks like for Katsucon I should have Kay Faraday, Claudia Auditore, Miku (Red Hood) and Flora (from Professor Layton). Flora should be rather easy to whip up so I'm not concerned about that. From here on its get through classes and get this done.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

AUSA: Miku and Amanda

So it's been a bit since an update! I managed to finish my costume for AUSA of course and I have a few finished photos of them to show off. For the most part AUSA was a friend con, so I really didn't attend many of the events like I would have liked, but I had a really great time there. So of course the finished costumes...

Miku (Red Hood)

and closeup

And our Peacewalker group!

Sadly I have no photos of my own to share. My camera broke early on at the con so I couldn't take anything. I should get a new camera some time around Christmas so for Katsucon I should have ton of photos to show off.

As for Katsucon...my cosplay list is a bit tentative right now. This is what I know for sure:
Kay Faraday (Ace Attorney)
Miku Red Hood (Vocaloid: Project Diva 2)
Teodora (Assassin's Creed 2)

There will be one more but that all depends on some circumstances. Teodora will be a serious experiment for me, I've never had to work with a corset before. But I have confidence I can pull it off. There's a lot that needs to get done in between, school and of course Katsu coming up. I'll try and post as much progress as I can!