Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kay Faraday

The Ace Attorney series has always been one of my favorite game series. The assistance were always some of my favorite characters. So of course after Investigations came out I had to cosplay Kay. Despite it being rather a simple costume, there's a lot of little details on it that add up to the level of complication. Like the tabi boots. You know how hard it is to find a pair of tabi boots? This costume had a mild bit of shipping drama with some of the items.

The easiest parts were making the skirt and the actual shirt part. The skirt was just a basic pleated skirt, the marital the same as my Magnet Miku costume. It's always nice having left over material less money spent on stuff later on. The top was a modified shirt pattern. Basically I just cut down the center and extended it a bit to create the awkward vest look and the pattern on top was painted on with fabric paint. The gloves were bought then modified, adding the trim on the bottom, though it makes it more difficult to actually put on the gloves, once I'm wearing them it's alright, the added lace took away the stretch at the wrist.

The belt was a modified belt I found on ebay. Love ebay, I think I get the majority of my cosplay finds from there. Got my wig from there as well as well as the clip that attaches to it. The boots were bought off ebay as well. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find tabi boots for a cheep price. It's almost always pricey for specalty boots. The pink parts are actually just little covers, rather then worrying about making whole tabi socks, it was just cheeper (with matrial I had left over) to make little covers that just look like socks (there was Velcro in the back to attach and detach it). The gloves were also bought off ebay and modified as well.

Her pin and key I had to make myself. The pin was made from sculpy, baked then painted. A pretty simple process. I will admit though I'm not really an expert with sculpting or anything like that. I just had to do my best and work with the tools I had.

The scarf was done from my own pattern. It was sad how badly the first version turned out. The second I took much more time for and it turned out perfectly. Just shows it pays off to actually take your time and make sure you do things correctly rather then quickly try and get it done.

The bag was an odd part, it was a rectangle shape, I needed to sort of keep that. And I've really never made a bag before. The material is the same as my Otacon jacket, the pink parts being left over from my shirt. I wanted it to be actually functional, so I lined it with yellow fabric. The shape is kept with a rectangle made from Bristol board. It's functional for what I need it to, and I'll be able to keep my stuff in it for the con. It attached to my belt and is worn from behind.

Scarf + Pin



Shirt, Scarf & Skirt


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Otacon: Sweet Snake Figuremate

This is just about the easiest thing I ever had to make. I chose this costume because I adore Metal Gear Solid and I love these little figurines like no other. They're just too adorable. This was made basically because I wanted something easy to wear. This post won't be nearly as long or impressive because it was a rather small, easy costume to make.

I decided to use my own hair for this, worked at with a curling iron. Not a terribly difficult process, I just needed to do a few tests to see what I liked. My hair is a bit longer then what I'd like for this sadly, by the time a con rolls around I'll have it trimmed, but the style is about right. I decided to use my own glasses for it.

Then it came down to buying vs. making the outfit. In the end I ended up doing both. The shirt is bought and dyed to the color I needed it to be and the jacket was made. Finding the style I needed was difficult and more expensive, it ended up being cheaper just to make it.


Jacket + Shirt