Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Otacon: Sweet Snake Figuremate

This is just about the easiest thing I ever had to make. I chose this costume because I adore Metal Gear Solid and I love these little figurines like no other. They're just too adorable. This was made basically because I wanted something easy to wear. This post won't be nearly as long or impressive because it was a rather small, easy costume to make.

I decided to use my own hair for this, worked at with a curling iron. Not a terribly difficult process, I just needed to do a few tests to see what I liked. My hair is a bit longer then what I'd like for this sadly, by the time a con rolls around I'll have it trimmed, but the style is about right. I decided to use my own glasses for it.

Then it came down to buying vs. making the outfit. In the end I ended up doing both. The shirt is bought and dyed to the color I needed it to be and the jacket was made. Finding the style I needed was difficult and more expensive, it ended up being cheaper just to make it.


Jacket + Shirt


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  1. this costume is pretty easy and you do not have to buy a wig because your hair resemble that of her