Friday, February 24, 2012

Katsucon 2012

Another late post. This time on Katsucon. I had a lot going on, mostly that I was sick after the con, so I wasn't able to get the con report up as quickly as I liked. But here it is!

As before with the previous report, Katsucon is in a gorgeous location. The Gaylord is a beautiful hotel, with many different backdrops and areas for photos. They have this really lovely jungle area, a water location, and all sorts of elegant looking areas. Beyond taking photos, its really just a nice area to be around. It's pretty easy to get around and find different areas to hang out in and just relax.

This year I'm sure it's gotten bigger. Its pretty natural with any con, but you can definietly see the crowding in the Saturday crowd. Luckily the hotel and the convention area is still pretty big enough to hold the people there. They keep the programs/events pretty separate from the main areas so that people aren't crowding around them.

I didn't really attend many panels, again the trend of many different cosplay panels were there though. More and more you'll see more pop up. It definetly show the shift towards the importance of Cosplay within the con scene. And because of that, and the location, people seemed to want to bust out their biggest and best cosplays.

Some of my favorites from the con




And the rest can be found here. Don't forget to check out the subfolders for more photos!

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  1. the dress with a mouth on the bottom is so great and exotic