Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nothing to major to say. Sadly I have to wait till after Christmas to really work on anything I want. Of course all my ideas get changed around. But I know for sure what I'm going to make for Katsucon. I've replaced Flora with Clover from 999.

Holy crap isn't that the cutest thing on the planet? Yes it is. Someday I'll get to Flora but not now. I have the fabric for the sweatshirt, I'll be able to start after Christmas. And for Claudia I'll be getting the fabric for that as a gift.

Also going to Magfest this year. I'll have my new camera by then, no new cosplay but I'll be taking a ton of photos for it and this time I'll get the chance to post it!

Also added a new page for future cosplay ideas. I was going to make a post about it but the list is far too long and I really don't feel like clogging up a whole post.

I hope everyone has a really wonderful christmas and they get everything they want!


  1. I'm still playing 999, I got a bad ending and working my way throughout the other endings! Show progress pics if you decide to cosplay as her.

  2. @Lexy

    Yeah I feel like no matter what you'll get the bad ending, just from how everything works out and what you need to do to get the good ending. But it's a really great game.

    I can't wait to start, I'll post progress soon!

  3. Gah those legwarmers are adorable :D

  4. @AdaI know! And with winter its going to be perfect to wear.

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