Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clover: 999

So for Katsucon we have a big 999 (9 hours 9 persons 9 doors) group, with almost everyone (minus Lotus and the 9th man, any takers?) and I've slowly been working through Clover. I haven't finished but I can post some of my progress what I have so far, just to show whatever I'm working on.

So I'm working on the wig. My base was a curly wig that I started to pin up and tease. At the moment it's not quiet the right poofiness that I need for Clover, but I'm still slowly working it up. Also the bangs still need to be trimmed.

Also the lighting in my room looks so terrible in my room. It really doesn't show the color all that well. This probably shows it the closest, but its a wonderful pink/redish color.

Enjoy the no makeup and camera posed at the mirror.
Now for the costume itself, most of the sewing is done, there's a few small details that need to be done.

So you can see the wig is made to be a bit longer and teased up a bit more. It still needs work if I want to get it really big. Also the bang still have yet to be cut from the last photo. Whenever I finish teasing out the wig I'll probably get to the bangs. It's a pretty easy cut made much easier with the thinning sheers I got. Seriously, if you ever need to cut a wig, get yourself a pair.

The blouse was bought and taken in a bit to fit better. You wouldn't believe how tough it was to find a plain white blouse. About everything else I found beforehand was all decked out in something fancy, or had some kind of design on it. I ended up just lucking out on something I found on ebay.

The skirt and bow were fabric left over from my Red Hood Miku costume, and I just happened to have the green paint sitting around. The painting was...terribly tedious, easy but tedious. It involved masking off the areas and then painted where I needed to. For anyone wondering I used Tulip Fabric Paint. Pretty awesome stuff, I've used it for any kind of fabric painting I've needed.

The sweatshirt was handmade...and a mini trial in itself. See the pattern I bought was a few sizes too big so I had to size about everything down. The hood is a little too big, but it really isn't that terribly noticeable, I was fine with letting it go. But it worked well enough because the hoodie needed to be a bit over sized. I really lucked into finding the right colors and with it lined its really super warm.

The fur parts were interesting. I've never worked with fur before, my machine was able to handle it for the most part. There was a few rough patches that I needed to work by hand. But I think the worst part was how the fur got EVERYWHERE. All over my desk and clothing. I'll be alright to never have to work with fur again. The bottom parts have elastic in it. The one side is sort of drooping and I need to fix that.

The last things I need are...
- The boots
- Leather paint (for the boots)
- Poof balls
...and the watch.

Slowly making out it out sculpey. There's a tubing that I need to get to make it. The watches on ebay are...ridiculous, I really can't afford that.

But that's all my progress for Clover as of now. I should really keep from saying that I'm doing this and that, because I keep changing my cosplay plans. Katsucon will be the con of cosplays. Lets see if I can get it all done.

ALSO. I'm trying to sell my Trucy Costume. If you're interested message me on coscom or here.


  1. Nice blog post, thanks for sharing this. We are also the Japan based cosplay costume manufacturers.

  2. What are u doing out of the DS?

  3. I am trying to make a Clover cosplay myself. I have this fur that poofs out like Clover's, but it comes in these long rows and I figured I would just pin them on to the black knee highs I got and it seems to work okay and stays on. How did you do yours exactly? Are they attached to any socks at all?

    Also, what materials did you use to make the jacket?

  4. this is amazing. Clover is my favorite character, even in the Axe ending. :P

  5. the uh wig is interesting but the outfit is almost perfect amazing! Clover is my favorite