Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Magfest 9: Photos

Here's some of the photos I managed to collect with my new camera. I gotta say it's much nicer to see with my new camera rather then the flash flushing everything out. I tried to get as many cosplayers as I could get, there really wasn't as many as there is at an anime con. But with Katsucon I should be able to make up for that. Anything that I don't end up posting I'll give a link towards my photobucket so you can view everything I took. And please, don't mind mind me being ridiculously late with posting photos.

I'll try and post some of my favorite from the con.

Borderlands cosplay. I really don't know a lot about the series but I really liked her cosplay. The contacts are intense.

Dr. Wiley, the hair was intense. I saw a Metal Man wandering around...I should have snagged his photo.

Ramona Flowers. She was really rather pretty, I'm pretty sure she was working at that booth.

Dread Pirate Roberts. The puppet is terribly awesome.
More cosplayers are here. There really weren't a whole lot I got photos of sadly, it's not a big cosplay con. Katsucon should make up for that.

A few of the guests I managed to snag photos with or snag photos of.

Linkara, Liz and Phelous.

It's like this odd triforce. Linkara, Spoony and Jewwario.

So you might be noticing a trend. Linkara. It's really more of an accident how he keeps ending up in my photos. Like the one above, it was a Spoony panel but he had Linkara and Jewario come up and riff with him. And the one with Phelous, he just happened to be there. And then I happen to run into him several times...The first night was the above Spoony panel, I caught him right after and snagged a photo. The second time I was taking photos of the hallway and saw him walking by, so I waved and said hi, he saw me holding the camera up and stopped. I was sort of stuck so I took a photo, and the third time I saw him I just figured may as well get a photo from every day.

I promise you Linkara I'm not a stalker. Just an accidental one. And hello to Obscurus Lupa in the background!

And the two from the previous post, Spoony here.


The Con Itself

The registration line...and the 2 hour wait.

The game room, wonderfully dimly lit, but all dem screens.

The dealer room, much, much smaller then really what I'm used to. But I don't think a big focus was the dealers room, but it really didn't stop me from looking the place everyday.

And a link for anyone who wants to see whatever else I have that I didn't feel like posting or highlighting. Thank you all for looking! For Katsucon I should be far more up to date on posting.

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  1. Wow you stuck GOLD at this con!! I wish I could meet them all! Way to go miss!