Sunday, March 3, 2013

Costume Breakdown: God Tier Jade

This costume is fairly simple to make, I wanted something that would be easy to wear. I really liked the Witch of Space design so I decided to make it!

 I’m going to go into the fabric choices. I don’t always go into that, but I felt like I should here. The skirt was made out of a grey sateen. What’s nice about sateen is that is has a good weight to it, without the glaring shine that a satin might have. The top was a stretch knit, because I wanted the top to be like a tunic, that I could just easily pull over my head. The hood is made out of the same material as the skirt.

The skirt is a basic circle skirt. The circle skirt has the basic shape and fullness that I wanted for it. The tunic part was highly modified based off of a shirt pattern. I didn’t have a pattern on hand that was perfect, so I went with something similar. I used Simplicity 8523 with the scoop neck. I made sure to adjust the pattern so I hand the points on the front and back like she does in the design. The sleeves were from another pattern that I had laying around that I just added to the tunic.

The Space pattern I found a vector and then created a stencil. Your best bet of painting this sort of thing onto fabric is to use the freezer paper method, in this case I didn’t have any on me, so I just free handed it. I wouldn’t recommend free handing it if you’re not confident in your painting skills.

The hood wasn’t too hard to figure out, I needed to modify and adjust for the twin tail hood that she has. I created this basic pattern for what I did.

The hood is super easy to make once the pattern is figured out, hopefully this will help anyone else working on it.

The ears were not made by me, sadly I had made a pair for myself based off of this tutorial, but I lost one of the ears. So the day of the con I first wore them, I bought a pair of ears made from fleece. I do not remember the booth I bought them off of, if anyone recognizes them I will gladly give them credit. But from what it looks like, it looks like fleece on a headband. I put the headband on and the hood over top so it hides the band.

The socks were purchased from sockdreams and they’re two long thigh high socks. My only real issue on them was that they were really baggy around my feet and calves, but tight around my thighs. I pretty much needed to yank them up every so often while I was walking, even after I adjusted them. They’re a knit material so that might take into an account for how they fit. But the color and stripes are perfect for the grey on grey striped detail she has going on.



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  2. i like these socks you are wearing

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  4. good job, it looks very cool. I also like the Cosplay costume.