Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monomi Kigurumi

I always thought that Kigurumi's were really cute, they always looked so big and comfy, but there was never one particular design that I was attached to. I've been reading Super Dangan Ronpa 2 and thought it would be cute to make a kigu based off of Monomi.

The nice thing about patterning a kigu is that they're meant to be really oversized. So you don't need to be exact with your measurements like you would with a normal costume. The pattern for this kigu was based off of this tutorial I found. The measurements they offered as well as how the shapes were supposed to be offered me a great guide to draft my own pattern. Drafting a pattern is completely optional of course, but I'm the kind of person that needs that kind of guide just in case I mess up.

The sleeves were made to cover my hands, so I could match her a bit more. There are slits on the wrists so I can open them and use my hands if I so need to. The bottoms have elastic to stretch and hold around my legs.

The hood's details were hand stitched on. I used the same methods I would for making plushies. The face details have just a ladder stitch detail so you can't see it. The ears were lightly stuffed so they would stand up more and then hand stitched on top. I also decided to line the hood with a light quilting material that matched the pink I had, just so it would have a more finished look and not show all of my work.

For materials I chose a basic blizzard fleece. Fleece is super comfy, warm and easy to use, but because it's made from fleece I probably wouldn't recommend wearing this during warmer weather, otherwise you might sweat to death

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