Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eileen Galvin (party dress variant)

I had done Eileen previously for a con, but just her regular daytime outfit. A friend of mine asked me to be her Eileen to her Henry so of course I wanted to. Plus, Silent Hill 4 is probably one of my favorite Silent Hill games, next to 3. So after that, I decided I was going to make her party dress. Normally I make these kind of posts BEFORE a con but because of the nature of the costume and needing help with it, I had to wait till after Otakon until I could finish this up.

This was probably the most reveling costume I had ever made. Which isn't a terrible thing, but just not something I was used to. A lot of side boob action going on. The dress was mostly constructed from patterns I had laying around, the top found and modified. The bodice was a little difficult because I sort of had to construct it on my own, and the fit was off. It was a lot of me trying to fit it and refit it, which is always a little irritating. The fit is still a little loose, but I don't think is too noticeable.

The fun part was getting the makeup to look all beat up. I had never really done that kind of make up before (I'm generally not that experienced in anything more then trying to make my skin look even and decent) so it was a fun little experiment. The make up used is just this cheep Halloween stuff that I found on the internet, and me playing around with it and looking up tutorials. I had a lot of really helpful advice for it to help improve what I have, which was awesome.

For the progress shots I have, the hardest part was trying to bandage myself up. Thankfully for the con I'll have friends to help me do that. It's a little awkward to do everything one handed. Unfortunately I couldn't do the makeup for the numbers written on her back by myself, my arms just don't bend that way. So for Otakon I'll have to have someone do it for me. The makeup is actually fairly easy to do and I have confidence in my friends in getting it done.

For her purse, I really lucked out and found a purse at a vintage store. I covered in the leftover fabric from my dress and I had a prop and something to carry all my stuff in which is even better in this outfit. The worst part? Probably the shoes. My feet were pretty sore after all of that. But the makeup was really surprisingly resilient. It was still on even after the heat and walking around. What was a bit funny though was walking into a bathroom and having a woman stare at me. Well probably not too funny, she probably thought I was actually hurt. But thankfully the make up washed off pretty easily, except for the stuff on my back I couldn't reach. Had to wait until that faded off.


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