Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking Down: Cosplay

So I was sent a link to a guy doing a documentary series called Breaking Down. He basically explores subcultures and breaks them down...so to speak. It's the basic set up, guy from the outside going into something he doesn't understand and tries to understand it.

Right now he's doing episodes on Cosplay, and it's pretty interesting so far, even going so far as to dress up and explore AX. I've watched the first two episodes and I like what's going on so far. He seems respectful of the people and has some actual conversations with people rather then antagonize or made silly comments. You see some things that probably many of you have experienced at cons before (like being randomly hugged, by this point I'm rather used to it so you don't realize how odd it might be for someone else on the outside).

You guys should really check him out, for the later episodes I really hope to see more conversations he has with other cosplayers.

Breaking Down


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  3. Very interesting look at us through an outsiders point of view. Like your blog.